iPhone OS 1.2 update

Sad iPhoneWhile I haven’t yet been accepted into the iPhone Developer program, I’m not at all happy with the reports that I’ve been hearing. iPhone Atlas is reporting that the beta iPhone OS 1.2 that you need to install to develop iPhone programs on the iPhone hardware will kill your phone’s ability to make calls. Presumably, once the non-beta upgrade is released in June, then the ability to make calls will be restored. One can only hope. I certainly don’t have the budget for a dedicated development iPhone.

Until June, it appears that developers either need to buy a dedicated development iPhone, or install the OS 1.2 on their personal iPhone and just do without making or taking any calls until June.

So far, I’m not at all happy with how Apple has been handling the iPhone development beta program. They’ve only accepted a lucky few out of a very large number of developers for the program, and now it seems that the OS 1.2 necessary for developing on the phone actually disables the phone’s primary function!

Needless to say, I’m not happy about how this is working out.

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