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It’s funny to think of the way that the world has changed lately, what with the internet and all. We’ve gone from reading about business news in the paper to giving advice to the business.

Davenetics: Do What You’re Great At

When I am in my email, give me news. When I make a homepage, give me more news choices and tools. Don’t settle for first place. Crush everyone. Be the place I browse for news, search for news, share news, annotate news, IM news, SMS news, listen to and watch news, eat and drink news, shoot news into my veins, snort news off the tits of more news. News goddammit, news. And while I’m there, give me entertainment too. Be the portal. There I said it. Be so dominant as the web’s start page that you can give me the choice of search engines.

Gigom: What Getting Buzzed Says About Yahoo

Yahoo’s core business now is “audience.” The company, instead of trying to out-Google Google, needs to beat itself by figuring out new ways to keep the audience growing. The first step is, of course, acknowledging that it is a content company. The next one: figuring out new engagement and audience-grabbing ways.

Now that blogs have given every business a thousand CEOs, and that topic brings us to:

37 Signals: Revealing hidden assumptions in estimation

Next time you find yourself thinking something ought to be simple to do—whether in a project of your own, or in someone else’s—pause for a moment. What assumptions are you missing? What real work are you overlooking because the imaginary work is so much more attractive?

And now we’ve gone full circle.

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