The Sadness of Syncing iTunes Offline

Did anyone know that iTunes won’t sync your purchased music to your iphone/ipod offline? Of course you did, but I did not. I was more than surprised that iTunes wouldn’t sync my very own music that I bought rented from the iTunes store to my iPhone during my flight back from Houston this past week.

It’s probably common knowledge to all you folk, but this is the first time iTunes refused to sync my music outright. And what’s worse, not only did it not sync my purchased music, but it aborted the sync operation altogether, so even my DRM free music didn’t sync.

It’s decided: from this moment on all music I purchase will be DRM free – even iTunes Plus is dead to me. I’m buying true to life CDs from now on and ripping my very own mp3s.

1 thought on “The Sadness of Syncing iTunes Offline

  1. Apple does a lot of things well. However, iTunes is still a marginal app. I like Apple. But, they make M$ look like a bunch of sissy’s compared to what Apple forces its user base to endure. All we can do it keep sending emails complaining about what is “wrong” and that we do NOT consider it a “feature” … what “it” may be.

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