WelcomeToYourMac Update – Access Your Mac From Your iPhone

This has been an extremely relaxing vacation weekend. I took a few days off at the end of last week till today to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with the fam. Really good times – and best of all – I had time to kick around some new code for WelcomeToYourMac!

I just released version 0.2.1, which is already leaps and bounds better than the previous version (though still not close to a 1.0 :)).

Features include:

  1. Control your Mac’s screen from your iPhone / any browser
  2. Control iTunes, Front Row, SlingPlayer, DVD Player, and more with the Universal Remote application
  3. Peek through your Mac’s iSight webcam
  4. Lots and lots of code cleanup, faster icon generation (so faster file browsing!)
Download your copy today, or even better, download the source!

2 thoughts on “WelcomeToYourMac Update – Access Your Mac From Your iPhone

  1. I wanted all the functionality available not only for the iPhone but also just any old browser. Especially as other handhelds get better browsers it’ll work for them too.

    Eventually (a long time from now) i want all the functionality from these apps exposed as web services as well so I can make a native app that runs faster/smoother. but that’s a long way down the road unless you know someone with some time on their hands 🙂

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