Combined Blog Stats from Google Analytics, Google Reader, Feedburner, and WordPress

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for tracking web stats, but this past week, I realized it doesn’t track quite as much as I’d like. A few questions I’d like it to answer but it can’t:

  1. Do high traffic posts, like Columnizer updates, generate more subscribers?
  2. Do the frequency or length of my posts affect how long a visitor stays? or subscriber count?
  3. Does higher traffic or more frequent posts generate more comments?
  4. etc

Basically, I want to know not only if a statistic is up or down, but how it correlates to another statistic. And most importantly, I want to know this not only about statistics tracked by Google Analytics, but by statistics that can’t be tracked by Google Analytics – things like post frequency, Feedburner subscriber count, etc.

The solution: merge a number of different WordPress plugins into a single WordPress Mu plugin and then tie the results into a pair of easy to use flot graphs. Pics of the results:

The plugin connects to and downloads statistics from Google Analytics, Feedburner, and Google Reader. Stats from each of those sources is downloaded and cached in the WordPress database, which makes querying, comparing, and joining the data next to trivial. I also have plans to optionally integrate it with SlimStat, which will provide additional traffic stats that Analytics doesn’t currently provide – such as “what day of the week or time of day is most common?”

I’ve only been poking at this a bit over the past week, and I’m still working out the last details of the plugin – automating the install sql, etc – so I’m not going to post a download quite yet, but you can check out the results at the bottom of my About page.

If you’re interested in beta testing out the plugin on your own Mu install, or helping port it to standard WordPress, give me a shout in the comments.

Check out the project page for code and project info.

5 thoughts on “Combined Blog Stats from Google Analytics, Google Reader, Feedburner, and WordPress

  1. This is a great idea…I’m going to dig into what you’ve created here a little more in my free time. I’ve been trying to put together all the stats from Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Google Analytics into one place for my clients so we can truly see what their campaign is doing. I am also finding that separately the statistics provided by each do not answer many of the important questions you have when trying to improve your communication with your audience. Great idea! I haven’t found many other examples of people doing this which I find strange. Unless of course you want to buy an enterprise-level service.

  2. awesome, lmk if/when you start poking around in the code and i’ll add you to the google code project so you can commit.


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