WelcomeToYourData WordPress Plugin Released

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A few weeks ago I posted about pulling Google Analytics, Google Reader, and Feedburner data into your own WordPress database and view it all in 1 interactive graph. It appears it’s never been a better time to take control of your own data.

WelcomeToYourData works with WordPress 2.7 and WordPress Mu 2.7!

So what is the WelcomeToYourData plugin? In short, it:

Downloads and stores a variety of Google Analytics, Google Reader, and Feedburner data, combines it with data already in your WordPress database, and provides a handy graph in your WordPress admin console to view and correlate all of that data.

Check out the sample graph on my About page.

Sample BookmarksBut wait, there’s more! WTYD also provides a few functions that make it easy to display a list of your starred Google Reader items right in your blog – like i do on this blog’s home page and bookmarks page.

If you have WP-SlimStat¬†installed, then you can also get a list of recently popular posts, like I’ve done on my blog’s main page.

It’s open source, so check out it out on it’s Google Code page. More info also on the project page.

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