the month of april

one month ago my wife christi started suffering from consistent migraines. a week later, she collapsed unconscious and – luckily i was home – i called 911.

scariest day of my life.

over the past 3 weeks, she’s had 3 surgeries to remove a tumor just under the size of a racquetball from the frontal lobe of her brain. the drs were originally optimistic it would be benign, but we found out last thursday that it’s malignant.

christi is now home and feeling fantastic considering. she was even updating her facebook from her iphone within a few hours of waking up from the last surgery! God has been incredibly good to us with her recovery! it’s nearly impossible to describe the calmness He has given christi and i through all of this. we know that God has this under His control.

now that christi’s stable, healing, and at home, things are finally going to [i hope] slow down considerably as we move from emergency-surgery mindset to long-term-fight mindset.

needless to say, i’ve been 100% offline taking care of her.

so now that christi is out of the hospital and things are slowing down, i’m getting back online and heading back to work. tomorrow afternoon is going to be my first day back since this all hit. we know that life will never be pre-cancer-normal again, but i am looking forward to getting a semblance of normal back.

jive has been fantastic. i couldn’t ask for a better employer through all of this. they’ve been incredibly supportive and understanding, and i am immensely appreciative.

and thanks to everyone who’s supported us these past weeks. family was able to come into town, and friends have all been increadily supportive.

thank you all!

3 thoughts on “the month of april

  1. You and Christi have been super strong through this whole thing, and I hope that others see this as a testament to God’s hand at work.

    After seeing Christi power through this I’m not sure I can imagine anything that can bring her down. You’re a lucky man.

    I tried to give you some space during this ordeal, but seriously if you ever need anything at all, I’m here for you. Maybe we’ll finish Listotron one day soon!

  2. Woof! What a spanner in the lifeplans… It sounds like you are doing everything right, especially with the attitude and outlook. Stay strong and keep your priorities where they are…

    We’ll.waitfor.apps till the stars burn cold as long as you put Christi first.

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