Head Tracking App for iPhone! Sorta!

The day has finally arrived. We are finally living in the future. Buck just sent me a link that head tracking for the iPhone is real (kinda). The horseless carriage and printing press have nothing on this!

Just barely over a year ago, I posted that somebody should build a head-tracking iPhone app. Since the iPhone can’t literally track your head/eyes, it couldn’t be “real” head tracking, but it could infer from the accelerometer well enough… and sure enough someone has done just that! Awesome!

The good folks over at Drömsynt have fullfilled my dream and built Diorama, the first head-tracking-but-not-really iPhone app in the entire universe ever. They even built stereoscopic-i-need-blue-red-glasses 3d into it (?!) incredible! I am purchasing it right now.

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