wpSearchMu updated to work with WordPress 3.0

If you’re a WordPress user, then you know that Automatic is working on merging WordPress with WordPress MU, and they’ve recently released a beta for the new 3.0 version.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated wpSearchMu, so this was a perfect time to make sure everything’s still working with this latest release. Visit the wpSearchMu page to download the latest version!

New this version:

  • Support for WP 3.0
  • Better support for post tags
  • Support for searching categories
  • Support for searching author names

4 thoughts on “wpSearchMu updated to work with WordPress 3.0

  1. Can’t thank you enough for not only creating this plugin, but staying with it, and keeping it updated for the release of 3.0. I’m trying to avoid signing up at one of those expensive WPMU dev sites. And the sitewide search was one of the big plugins that was luring me. I found your plugin earlier today, and couldn’t believe it. People like you make things so much easier for people like me. So I’d like to say thanks, and wish you tons of success with whatever you do.

  2. Hi. I have been running your plugin for more than a year. (I was still running the version 1 – and it seemed to work well). However, when I upgraded to WP3, the search results would include posts that did not exist! It even had edit links

    So, I decided to upgrade the WP Search MU. Even though it upgraded, it uninstalled itself automatically. So, I deleted the folder, and installed it through the WP backend interface.

    However, now, the plugin does not install and gives the error- “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

  3. And, now, when I look through FTP, it seems that the plugin files have been copied (despite the error at the time of installation). However the plugin itself does not get reflected in the plugin list of WP backend.

  4. Hey, thanks so much! Could you point me in the right direction to customize this to include custom post types? I’d be glad to share the resulting code, I could use just a few sentences on where to start and I’ll be able to run with it.

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