I want an Instapaper for video on my TV

Services like Instapaper and Read it Later are fantastic for letting you quickly save webpages that you want to read for later. There are iPhone and iPad apps, they work on the Kindle, they’re perfect for separating finding content from reading content.

I want the same thing for video. When I’m reading through my RSS, browsing the web, or get an email with some awesome video content, I’d love to be able to push that link to a Watch it Later service. Later on when I’m tucked in bed, I can pull the queue up on my iPad, or I can sink into my couch with my favorite beer and watch the queue on my TV.

After a bit of Google, I found a post by Fred Wilson describing this exact same problem – anyone have any luck with these services? BoxeeQueue, or L8R, or Vodpod?

Update: This functionality not only exists, it’s built directly into boxee! http://www.boxee.tv/bookmarklet/info. I’m doubly happy I just bought a Boxee Box today!

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