The Future of Education

The Khan Academy is changing education forever. Be sure to also read Sigularity Hub’s review and  watch the walkthrough video below, but rest assured this will change how your child learns. My daughter is only 3 years old and now I can’t wait to get her started on basic arithmatic!

Highlights of the Khan system: Students learn single concepts at a time: step by step by step. First addition, then harder addition, then addition with decimals, then subtraction, etc. Each singular concept has tutorial videos as well as infinite computer generated problems to solve, and every problem has step-by-step hints available to help walk students through solving a problem.

My favorite part – by far – is the game machanics built into the system. A skill tree maps all of the provided concepts together, and the student earns “Energy Points” for every problem solved. This is just itching for energy point micropayments to upgrade your character/profile page. Even integrations with “real” games where you can spend Khan energy points on game time / upgrades / etc. It’s like Eve, but for real life and real skills.

Watch the video below and find out how your child will learn differential equations both faster and better than you ever did.

Khan Academy provides literally hundreds of videos ranging from basic arithmatic to organic chemistry to the Paulson’s bank bailout plan. The videos are on YouTube, iTunes U, and iPhone apps. Absolutely tons of content. Absolutely 100% free. Incredible.

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