An Open Source Guide for Launching Your Indie App

Since launching Loose Leaf 5 months ago, I’ve learned a lot about how to get an app in front of its target audience, and everything I’ve learned would’ve been exponentially more powerful if I’d known it pre-launch instead of post-launch. That’s exactly why I’ve written and open sourced the App Launch Guide for indie devs.

This guide is perfect for developers who’ll be working on both the marketing and development of their apps, with the goal of helping make sure nothing is missed in the run up to launch. And while I’ve learned a lot about marketing, I certainly don’t know everything, so I’ve opened this guide into the public domain and posted to Github so that the indie dev community can iterate on this foundation for a more organized launch plan for all of us.

This guide goes through:

  1. List of valuable resources and books
  2. Narrowing all your app ideas into The One
  3. Validating the idea by finding initial interested audience
  4. Choosing a revenue model for the app
  5. Defining a Minimum Viable Product
  6. Align marketing milestones with development milestones

Nearly every item in this guide has been written about at length elsewhere – the real purpose of this guide is to bring all of these ideas together into a single timeline. It’s very easy to start tangible product development much earlier than the less tangible marketing plan. This guide helps align the marketing timeline with the development timeline, so that you’re only spending valuable development time after proving traction with your audience.

Read and contribute to the App Launch Guide on Github.

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