Loose Leaf 3.0.0 is Open Source!

In addition to the great new features in v3.0.0 – the entire app is now open source! Get the code!

Organize Your Notes

This version brings multiple-document organizationt to Loose Leaf. You can setup multiple documents, easily switch between documents, and quickly move and copy pages between documents. Check out the new tutorial videos on getlooseleaf.com.

Import and Export PDFs

Version 2.2.0 brought single page PDF import and export, and now in v3.0.0 you can import entire PDFs into Loose Leaf to read and annotate. With the new multiple-document features above, you can also quickly move pages between PDFs, annotate, and export and share!

Get the Code!

Much of Loose Leaf’s code has already been open sourced before, but today 100% of the codebase is now open source! Check out the project on Github.

Get the App!

Support further development and download the app!

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