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Bundled AJAX

I hope you’ve seen how easy it can be to send multiple AJAX requests and to the server in only one request. This is a great way to (1) maintains the order of your AJAX requests and responses, (2) provides less load on your server, and (3) preserves a responsive UI. If you missed the intro, check out this post for more a complete discussion of this tutorial’s motivation, or browse back to page 1.

The Source Code

Click the links below to view the full source code for the tutorial, or download it to use in your own projects.

Download It HereBundled Synchronous AJAX


Thanks for reading through my bundled AJAX tutorial – I certainly hope you found it helpful! You can also browse the tutorials page for completely different tutorials, or check out some of my other projects. Or of course, browse back in time to the previous pages in this tutorial:

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