Columnizer 1.4.0 Released!

You read that right, there’s a brand spankin’ new version of Columnizer over on the project page. Lots of good stuff in this update:

  1. Event handlers are maintained in columnized data for non-IE browsers, and there’s a nice workaround for IE. Columnizer won’t kill your javascripted content anymore :)
  2. No more flicker on page load between uncolunnized content => columnized content. Use the new target option to columnize content from a hidden div into the main page.
  3. A few other formatting options and some bug fixes

Awesome! Visit the the project page for details, documentation, samples, or just download it now:

Download it here: Download It Here Columnizer Plugin 1.4.0

3 thoughts on “Columnizer 1.4.0 Released!

  1. Fabulous project. Could I please suggest something to add to the feature list?

    It would be wonderful if this could prevent widows/orphans etc. Perhaps break only at the end of a para? Or a parameter that could be set to break only before heading items.

    Thanks once again.

  2. Everything looking great in Safari – but testing via Adobe Browserlab shows things falling apart in IE8 and Firefox.

    Any Suggestions? Othewise, loving the plugin.

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