Credit Card security is broken

Quick story:

My sister is traveling to Sri Lanka and has a longer than expected layover in Mumbai. I log onto the internet, purchase a hotel for her while she’s on her flight, and a driver picks her up at the airport.

So far so good.

That international purchase triggers an alarm on my account, so the next day when I’m shopping for groceries my card gets declined.


Even supposing a mastermind criminal stole my card and bought $400 in Mumbai, here’s what just happened:

1. master mind steals card

2. master mind buys so much stuff for $400 in Mumbai

3. hapless customer buys a ham sandwich

4. sandwich declined!


Guys, if you’re smart enough to know that 99.99% of my transactions are in Portland, Oregon, and suddenly there’s a transaction in Mumbai. If you do anything, please reject the Mumbai transaction and continue letting me buy my groceries in Portland, Oregon.

Your state-of-the-art-from-the-year-2000-security is not making my money any safer, it’s just annoying the hell out of me.

I hate you Capital One.

2 thoughts on “Credit Card security is broken

  1. The problem being Adam that there is little doubt that somewhere along their lines Cap 1 will be somehow making more money doing things their way.

    That is to say they will be “no doubt” neglecting their depositors needs in favour of a way that makes more money for them.

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