Columnizer jQuery Plugin Update

Good news jQuery column typesetters! My Columnizer jQuery plugin has finally at long last been updated. This new version adds support for jQuery 1.6 and fixes every known issue in reported at the GitHub page. (Secret admission: I didn’t actually test in IE6,7,8, or 9, but I’m pretty sure it still works fine… Please let me know if I made a presumptuous mistake.)

Download here:

GitHub here:

Project page here:

10 thoughts on “Columnizer jQuery Plugin Update

  1. can’t get it to activate…. on trying to activate it, i get the message “this plugin has an invalid header”. am i installing it incorrectly? any help? thanks in advance adam =)

  2. hi! i just downloaded the columnizer and i would like to run sample 9 on my blog but i am bit lost, as i am not that familiar with php and wordpress org. been using until yesterday! I was wondering if u could help me out here, telling me how i can make the jquery code work? where should i put it and how? And how do i make it work? what do i have to change? thank u in advance!!!!!

  3. Adam,

    Love the plugin! One question. I want 3 columns in a static height and width DIV and want it to fill the 1st column completely before going to the 2nd and 3rd column respectively. I can get 3 columns, not problem, but they all fill in and leave space at the bottom of my DIV if there is not enough text. Thanks for any help. Perhaps a variable to turn this feature on or off?? 🙂

  4. columnizer makes the columns different heights after refresh in ie only. I have know idea how that is even possible, but as I am columnizing a menu it is intolerable that the menu shifts around like that.

  5. Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for this plugin. It’s given me great value so far and I really appreciate it.

    I am having a spot of bother with the plugin in IE9 on a particular site. Essentially I get an ‘Out of Stack Space’ error on this page..

    It’s a jQuery error but, having debugged it, it’s columnizer that’s in a loop.

    Any help would be very much appreciated..

    Best wishes,


  6. I am working on a site for an author and attempting to replicate a magazine. Your plugin seems perfect, but I find that I have no idea how to do the plugin. I need a sample of where the script tag is in the head, or if it directs to another file. If I am rambling senselessly it is because I have been attempting to make a two column magazine type layout in a overall large table cell for about three hours now, don’t understand where the tags go (Other than the beginning of the text) or how to reference the column file. Thanks

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