Loose Leaf – A Different Kind Of Paper

I’m extremely excited to show you the first demo of my new scratch paper app Loose Leaf!

This app has been my labor of love for nearly two years, and I’m finally getting close to the App Store release this summer. (Sign up to be notified when it’s ready if you haven’t already!) All of the major development is done, and I’m now working through the last few features and testing.

So what is Loose Leaf?

It’s just that: scratch paper. The vast majority of my notes and sketches don’t need to be perfect. It’s far more important that I get them down quickly than it is to get them down perfectly. When I’m in a meeting, or when an idea hits me, I don’t want to lose the flow of conversation or forget any details while I’m sorting into the right notebook or picking just the right shape for my diagram.

Loose Leaf lets you quickly and easily jot down a note, diagram, idea, photo, mockup, or annotation, then show it in the moment, and 1 button export it if you need to save it. No settings. No Sync. No menus. No textures. No brush arsenal. No popovers. No “edit mode” vs “pen mode” vs “image mode”. No fluff.

It’s just blank paper, simple gestures, and simple tools. You can write on it. You can throw some pictures on it. You can use scissors to cut it up. You can export when you care. And that’s it. And all of it just works like you think it should: a pen, an eraser, a ruler, some scissors, images, and blank paper.

Available this Summer

I’m finishing up the very last features and testing, and will be launching on the App Store this summer. Sign up and get notified when it’s live.

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